Daily photo of Crete

Now that Greece is in lockdown I can't drive anywhere to take daily photos so until the lockdown stops I'll provide you with two photos every day. The top one will be chosen more or less at random from my large catalogue.
The second one will be a photo diary of my backyard. It will be an interesting exercise for me: concentrate on subjects that are nearby and turn a restriction into an opportunity.

Finally, a BIG thank you to those of you who responded to my plea for donations (at the bottom of this page). It will finance a fair bit of petrol when I am allowed to drive again. More importantly, it's a really good feeling to see appreciation that goes beyond a Facebook Like or similar 🙏


Chania harbour   -  click on the image to enlarge
Chania harbour - 19th June 2006

View of Chania harbour on an early summer morning.

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The backyard diary

Silene colorata and Anthemis rigida -  click on the image to enlarge

Silene colorata and Anthemis rigida

Technically not really my backyard but on the way back from shopping at my local supermarket I swung by the seaside to take a few shots of Silene colorata and Anthemis rigida which are currently in full bloom.

With Greece's borders currently closed and no one knowing how long this situation is going to last I am aware that the Daily photo of Crete has become an important 'fix' for a number of people who can't come here in real life and want to can get a daily dose of Crete. It is my intention to carry on providing it every day.
If you are forced to stay home and missing Crete remember that there is also a considerable amount of photo material on this site (at least 6000 photos but to be honest I've lost count) and most of it can be accessed through the page Photos of Crete.
Finally,  a small plea: around 98% of my income is (directly or indirectly) tourism related and that part is currently heading towards zero. I am self-employed and no one is going to continue paying me a salary. Even if I don’t count my work time and the considerable cost of quality photo equipment there are still costs involved in going to places that are often quite a distance away. There are a few ways to support my work which you can see here. It would be appreciated.

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