Walks and hikes in Crete

Walking in the mountains of Crete

Crete, especially the West of the island, is a walker's paradise. It has the unique combination of beautiful seas and high mountains. The geographical diversity and wild beauty of the island, the friendliness of its inhabitants as well as the climate have made Crete into a choice destination for walking and hiking. The whole island is criss-crossed by trails, most of them now disused since roads have been built or used only by shepherds. It is possible to walk all day without meeting a soul and still reach a village where you can eat and sleep in relative comfort before setting off for another day in nature. The truly dedicated hikers can go to areas that are practically unknown and totally uninhabited , with undisturbed flora and fauna, be it in deep gorges or high up on the mountains.

There are plenty of good guides to walks in Crete which are listed in the Books section.

Additionally, if you want an experienced guide to take you to some really special places, you could check my private walking guide page.

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