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Located to the West of Chania, Stalos is part of a long stretch of sandy beaches that runs from Stalos to Gerani. Stalos, Agia Marina and Platanias run into each other forming one long coastal strip and beach. It is the most developed tourist area in the Chania region.


Type of beach: a long, wide sandy beach

Size of beach: Stalos beach is about 2 km long but the beach carries on into Agia Marina and beyond.

How busy: Stalos beach is not as busy as Agia Marina or Platanias as the hotels are not as densely packed along the length of the beach. It's also very wide so doesn't ever feel cramped.

Winds: open to the North so it will be affected by north winds (prevalent in summer) and can have waves on those days.


Sunbeds and umbrellas, a few cabins to change, showers, life guards

Safe for children: on quiet days the water is safe and doesn't drop to quickly. If it's windy you will get waves and sometimes currents so children need to be supervised (and adults should be careful too).

Car parking: free parking in a number of areas.

Getting there

Chania is only 7 km away along the coastal road. There are plenty of regular buses from Chania.

Eating & drinking

Several cafés and snack bars along the beach

Accommodation nearby

Best places to stay near Stalos beach



Photos of Stalos beach

  • Stalos beach
  • Stalos beach
  • Stalos beach
  • Stalos beach
  • Stalos beach
  • Stalos beach and sea daffodils
  • Stalos beach after sunset




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