Agia Roumeli beach

Agia Roumeli


The main beach of Agia Roumeli probably has the most stunning background of any beach in Crete. The waters of the Libyan Sea are generally very clean and crystal clear.


Type of beach: a mixture of coarse grey sand and fine pebbles on the main beach. The eastern beaches are pebble beaches.

Size of beach: the main beach in front and to the West of the village is 500 m long and very wide. There are additional beaches to the East stretching all the way to Agios Pavlos.

How busy: it can be busy between 13.00 and 17.00 right in front of the village when Samaria gorge walkers are in the village. Otherwise the beaches are almost deserted.

Winds: :generally well protected from winds unless you get south wind (which is not that often).


Sunbeds and umbrellas right in front of the tavernas. No lifeguard

Safe for children: there are generally no waves but the water drops quite quickly.

Getting there

Agia Roumeli has no road access so you will either have to walk to Agia Roumeli, for example through the gorge of Samaria or you'll need to take one of the regular ferryboats.

Eating & drinking

Plenty of cafés and tavernas right by the beach

Accommodation nearby

Best place to stay near Agia Roumeli beach



Photos of Agia Roumeli beach

  • Agia Roumeli
  • Agia Roumeli beach
  • Agia Roumeli beach
  • Agia Roumeli
  • Agia Roumeli general view
  • Agia Roumeli general view
  • Agia Roumeli eastern beach
  • Agia Roumeli bay seen from Agios Pavlos





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