Seitan Limania - Stephanou beach

Seitan Limania beach


Stephanou beach by Seitan Limania (Satan's harbours) is a tiny beach in a narrow sea inlet on the East side of the Akrotiri peninsula. This stunningly beautiful place had a dirt road access built around 2010 which meant that more than a handful of locals started coming to it. After its discovery on the internet it rapidly gained in popularity, the road was asphalted and proper crowds starting descending on it. Unfortunately the beach is so small that it will very rapidly feel too crowded.


Type of beach: coarse sand

Size of beach: tiny, less than 20 m

Crowds: gets very crowded because it's so small

Winds: completely sheltered


Sunbeds and umbrellas - no

Changing room - no

Shower - no

Toilets - no

Safe for children - yes, it's very sheltered

Life guard - no

Car parking - above the beach. You need to walk down to the beach on a narrow path.

Getting there

By car only, around 24 km from Chania. From the area where you can park your car you need to walk down a narrow path that is a little exposed in places so proper footwear is advisable.

Eating & drinking

There is a snack bar along the road before you drop down to Seitan Limania. It can deliver to the beach.

Accommodation nearby

There isn't really any place to stay in the area.



Photos of Seitan Limania beach

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