Agios Pavlos beach

Agios Pavlos beach


Located in the Bay of Agia Roumeli, a few km to the East of Agia Roumeli the beach of Agios Pavlos is one of the quietest long beaches in the West of Crete because it is so remote.


Type of beach: coarse dark sand. Beautiful turquoise water

Size of beach: around 2.5 km in length

Crowds: almost deserted

Winds: well protected from the summer north winds but can be affected by west winds.



No sunbeds or umbrellas anywhere. You're pretty much on your own

Safe for children: it drops quickly and can have waves so children would need to be closely supervised

Getting there

About 60 to 90 minutes walk from Agia Roumeli. It might also be possible to get a taxi boat if the sea is quiet.

Eating & drinking

There is a small taverna nearby.

Accommodation nearby

You'll need to camp unless you are staying in Agia Roumeli



Photos of Agios Pavlos beach

  • Just above the beach with view to the West
  • Agios Pavlos beach seen from the sea
  • Agios Pavlos beach seen from the sea
  • Agios Pavlos beach
  • Agios Pavlos beach
  • The chapel of Agios Pavlos




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