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In order to get an impression of the island of Crete and its many facets you need to spend a whole year there and follow the changes in the seasons. It is not only a change in the nature or in the weather but also a change in lifestyle: during more than half of the year a lot of the activities on the island are geared towards tourism and providing for the needs of the many visitors. When that time is over in early November and until tourists start returning in April, life takes a different course. Many people return to their village to take care of their olive trees and harvest the olives. The often cold and rainy weather also shifts more activities indoors and many lively tourist resorts turn into ghost towns. This time of the year is also the time where nature presents itself at its most glorious, with flowers in full bloom, lush grass everywhere and snow on the mountains.

From 2003 to 2005, in the early days of digital cameras I tried to follow these changes and below are a few galleries of older photographs shown by month.

From 2006 onwards I replaced this feature with a Photo of the Day. which also has a yearly archive.






Crete photo of the day
Crete Photo of the Day


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