Photos of Crete in May 2003

After the incredibly wet winter, the spring flowers are lasting much longer than usual and are even more abundant than usual.


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  • Mountain flowers
  • Crocus field in the mountains
  • The valley of Potamos in the White Mountains
  • Paeonia clusii
  • Anchusa Cespitosa
  • Anchusa Cespitosa
  • The Bay of Agia Roumeli near Agios Pavlos
  • Goats drinking from the Samaria river by the sea
  • Byzantine church in Agia Roumeli
  • The beach in Sougia
  • The sea near Loutro
  • Mule transport
  • The White Mountains from Akrotiri
  • Tragopogon sinuatus  seed ball
  • Tragopogon sinuatus  seed ball
  • Cretan ebony
  • Cretan ebony
  • Shrine - Ikonostasi

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