Marmara beach

Marmara beach


Marmara beach is located in a small bay at the exit of the gorge of Aradena. Its remoteness, spectacular surroundings, clear water and sea caves nearby have attracted people to it for many years. The excellent small taverna built above the beach brought even more people and now that there are regular boats coming from Loutro and you don't have to walk all the way anymore (about an hour from Loutro) it has unfortunately become a little too busy, especially in mid-summer. But if you visit in the morning hours or in the spring when it is still quiet you will still understand why it has become such a popular little spot.


Type of beach: pebbles

Size of beach: 45 m

Crowds: because it is so small it can easily get very crowded

Winds: very sheltered except on the rare occasions where the wind blows from the South.


Sunbeds and umbrellas

Safe for children: the sea is generally quiet and fairly shallow close to the beach

Getting there

No road access so you either get here on foot or by boat (daily boats from Loutro).

Eating & drinking

There is an excellent taverna just above the beach

Accommodation nearby

A few bungalows in Marmara itself. More rooms in nearby Lykos and Finix as well as Loutro








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