Doctors and dentists in Crete

There are plenty of good doctors in Crete. Many have done some of their training abroad and will speak one or more foreign languages fluently. Most of the doctors are specialists, the concept of a general practitioner being quite new here.
You will need to pay the doctor for a visit (in general it is pretty reasonable) and arrange for a refund through your health insurance by yourself if you are entitled to it.

There are also many good dentists. One thing worth noting: dental technicians are excellent and cheaper than in Northern Europe. If you are ever in need of major dental work, it is worth considering taking a holiday in Crete and having the work done here. You'll have a holiday and still save on what you would have spent in your country!

General practitioners

Dr. Kerstin Grigoraki is German but also speaks English and Greek
Sfakion 2 (3rd floor) Chania
Tel./Fax 28210 52706


Bob Manousakis (speaks fluent English)
El. Venizelou 12 (4th floor) Chania
Tel. 2821045544 Email:
Please note that if you are considering having major dental work done over a short period of time it is best to contact him in advance to discuss a timetable.

Eugenia Anagnostakis (speaks English and German)
Moatsou 4 Rethymno
Tel. 2831027304 and 6977536618

Emmanouela Maisi (speaks English)
Amalthias 17, Heraklion
Tel: 6972353955
Email: and website


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