Photos of Crete in February 2004

February 2004 will be a month to remember. The heavy storms at the beginning of the month were followed by pleasant weather. Then on the 13th of February a blizzard hit the island, with the coldest temperatures at sea level (-1°C) since records started 130 years ago and heavy snow.
The photos below follow the chronology of the month. Pictures in the second and third row were taken a day before the snow pictures further down. This is how suddenly the weather can change in Crete.


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  • Stormy weather in Stavros, Akrotiri
  • Stormy weather in Stavros, Akrotiri
  • Aptera with White Mountains in the background
  • Olive tree near Agia Triada
  • Crocus
  • Field of anemones, Akrotiri
  • Polyrinnia - it really is that green!
  • Old bridge near Polyrinnia
  • Cemetary in Polyrinnia
  • The beginning of the snow storm
  • Snow storm
  • After the storm, Kalathas beach
  • After the storm - the airport road
  • After the storm, Akrotiri
  • After the storm, Akrotiri
  • General view of Chania
  • The bay of Chania with Rodopou in the background
  • After the storm, Akrotiri

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