Photos of Crete in April and May 2004


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  • Striped-necked terrapin
  • Alpine accentor in the mountains
  • Ladybirds in the snow, Psiloritis
  • In the White Mountains
  • Walking to Psiloritis
  • In the White Mountains
  • View of the bay of Agia Roumeli from Sellouda
  • A Turkish fort on a ridge east of Agia Roumeli
  • The view from the path that links Agios Ioannis to Potamos
  • Jerusalem sage in Aptera
  • Cretan ebony, an endemic flower
  • Cretan arum
  • Cliff in the gorge of Samaria
  • The gorge of Samatia seen from one of its ridges
  • The beach of Kalathas in April

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