Are you headed to Seitan Limania, the famous beach on the Akrotiri? No need to bring food with you. SEITAN DELIVERY on the hill overlooking the beach, has all you need for your picnic, lunch or dinner:

This cantina, owned by Despina and Stratos, a charming young local couple, also offers souvlaki, grilled chops and sausages from their own livestock and moussaka, ideal for a light meal, plus home-made cheese pies with local myzithra cheese and honey from their own bees.

Stratos and Despina take pride in their tasty dishes, their super-clean kitchen, and their picnic tables shaded from the sun. 

From April through October, SEITAN DELIVERY welcomes you every day from morning right through the evening. It is your last stop before the beach—and you can even place an order from the water’s edge (tel. 6948 606 216) and have it delivered to you in just a few minutes.






From the Chania airport follow the signs for Mousoura (Μουζουρá), then Hordaki (Χορδáκι) and finally for Rizoskloko (Ριζóσκλοκο) confusingly called Acropolis on many maps). At the Rizoskloko village square (church on your left), take the left-hand road uphill all the way through the village. After the last house take the second road on the right (signposted Seitan Limania or Σεïταν Λιμάνια). On the horizon you will see the small blue-and-white church of Saint Rafael. SEITAN DELIVERY is next to it, and the road continues in a downhill zigzag to the Seitan parking lot (steep descent to the beach is only on foot).