Photos of the day 2009


Stormy seas
Mandragora flowers
Dried Verbascum flower
Snails on a dried Verbascum flower
An olive grove and the White Mountains
The archaeological museum of Chania
Chania harbour - Early morning light
Olives ready for harvesting
Chapel above the West coast of Crete
Close-up of Ruta chalepensis
Androcymbium rechingeri
A beetle in Androcymbium rechingeri flower
Trees in winter
Cape Krios seen from Elafonisos
Cretan Soldier Beetle (Lygaeus saxatilis)
Sea daffodils in Elafonisos
View of the southwest coast of Crete
Graves at the Allied War Cemetery of Souda
Snails on a gravestone
The bay of Kissamos and the White Mountains
The bay of Kissamos and the White Mountains
Final resting place
On the beach at Falasarna
Storm clouds in Kalathas, Akrotiri
Above the coast of Sfakia
Lifeguard hut in winter, Agia Marina
Anemone coronaria
Mandragora flower close-up
Bee in a mandragora flower


Olive grove in the spring with Oxalis pes-caprae flowers
Theodorou island seen from the beach of Agia Marina
The White Mountains seen from the summit of Psilafi
The summit of Psilafi seen from Strifomadi
Gingilos and Psilafi panorama
Chania seen from Profiti Ilias
Strawberry tree - Arbutus unedo
Entrance of the monastery of Agia Triada
View of Chania from the tombs of Venizelos
Grave of Eleftherios Venizelos
Summer afternoon in Loutro
Winter sunset, Kalathas beach, Akrotiri
Evening light in Tersanas, Akrotiri
Thunderstorm weather, Tersanas - Akrotiri
Thunderstorm weather, Kalathas beach - Akrotiri
Olive grove and storm clouds
Clouds above the hills of Akrotiri
Chania harbour early morning
Chania church and the White Mountains
Chania harbour in winter
Olive grove
Old olive oil factory
Mulberry tree
Euphorbia and mountains
Arches in the monastery of Agios Georgios Karidi
The Mediterranean Architecture Centre (KAM)
Kids at play
Park bench by a frozen pond, Omalos plateau


The plateau of Omalos in winter
Entrance of the gorge of Samaria at Xyloskala
The entrance of the gorge of Samaria at Xyloskala
Psiloritis and Cape Drapanos across Souda Bay
The gorge of Samaria in winter
Orange trees
Orange grove and flowers
Ophrys spruneri
Wind turbines at Petras Seli
Goats family
Tragopogon sinuatus
Early spring landscape
Sacks of olives
Wall of a ruined house
The road between Hora Sfakion and Anopolis
Beehives and flowering tree
Olive grove in the spring
Hora Sfakion
Hora Sfakion
The gorge of Aradena
Vegetation in the cliffs of the gorge of Aradena
Euphorbia paralias in Falasarna
View of the White Mountains from Anopolis
A sunny morning in Chania
Wild lavender
Crown daisies
Crown daisies at a roadside
An olive grove in Aptera
View of the White Mountains from Aptera
Ruins of a Roman villa in Aptera


New path section in the gorge of Samaria
Ruins of a Roman villa in Aptera
Falasarna beach
Cyclamen creticum
Silene colorata in a field
Rotary tiller in a field
Greenhouse cultivation in an olive grove
Yellow Ranunculus asiaticus
Blue lupins
A field in spring
First tourists at the beach
Pollen orgy
Goat portrait
Young goat in a bush of Jerusalem sage
Blossoming orange tree
Spring flowers near Livaniana, Sfakia
Ruined house in Aradena
Staircase of a ruined house in Aradena
Tulipa goulimyi
Swallowtail butterfly
Red ranunculus asiaticus
Asphodeline lutea in Anopolis
Asphodeline lutea in Anopolis
A light lunch by the sea
Red mites
Dirt road with crown daisies
Aethionema saxatile creticum
Ruined oil press in Aradena
Leaving Agia Roumeli from the beach


Queen bee
Venetian bridge in the riverbed of Samaria
The river of Samaria meeting the sea
Tree root on the beach
Leaving Agia Roumeli
Ruins of a Turkish fort above Agia Roumeli


Scrambling down a scree slope in the White Mountains
The bay of Agia Roumeli
Pool in the gorge of Samaria
Iberis sempervirens
The summits of Tzelias, Melindaou and Kaloros
Silene variegata
A summit in the White Mountains
No entry sign in Chania harbour
An alley in the old town of Chania
Chania sea front at sunset
A field of wild carrot
In the gorge of Samaria
The southern end of the plateau of Omalos
The summit of Gingilos
Flowering Berberis in the Madhares
A cairn in the White Mountains
Snails on a rock on a mountainside
The path to the summit of Pachnes
The cistern of Roussies in the White Mountains
Mountain flowers
Balos bay at sunset
Chania harbour panorama
Chania lighthouse


Crepis sibthorpiana
Detail of Verbascum spinosum
Kalathas beach on a windy day
The church of Agios Nikolaos in Splanzia, Chania
Alcea biennis along the road to Omalos
The lighthouse of Chania
Viola fragrans
Inside the White Mountains
The summit of Pachnes at sunset
Full moon rising in the White Mountains
Orthi Ammos beach, Frangokastello
Orthi Ammos beach, Frangokastello
Horse-drawn carriage in Chania harbour
An alley in the old town of Chania
Onopordum bracteatum ssp. creticum
An alley in Chania
Tiny but perfectly formed
Bee collecting nectar in a thyme flower
The road to Sfakia
The road to Sfakia
A prickly oak above Anopolis
A prickly oak above Anopolis
Dead cypress tree in the mountains
Dead cypress tree in the mountains
Walking in the White Mountains


A cypress at the tree line
A cypress at the tree line
Dead cypress in the mountains
Ancient kalderimi to Agia Roumeli
View of the bay of Agia Roumeli from Sellouda
Early morning on the road to Sfakia
Tigani to Balos - Gramvoussa peninsula
A butterfly on mountain flowers
Flowering thyme in the mountains
Ancient quarry by the sea
Ancient quarry at the seaside
Rock samphire in Stavros
Ancient quarry by the sea in Stavros
On Stavros beach
The old town of Chania
Apple tree in Omalos
Monastery of Arkadi
Old quarry in Stavros
Old quarry in Stavros
Chania harbour at dawn
Fishing boats leaving Chania harbour


Fishing in Chania harbour
Chania harbour in early morning light
Sea daffodils
Sea daffodils in Falasarna
Sea daffodils in Falasarna
A cow in Crete
Rock samphire in Chania harbour
Sedum magellense
On the path to Agios Pavlos


Sea squills in Agia Roumeli
Detail of a Sea squill
Walking through a rock arch
Walking through a rock arch on the way to Gingilos
Rock spires on the way to Gingilos
Above Agia Roumeli
Above Sougia
In the gorge of Aradena
Stormy weather near Hora Sfakion
Storm clouds near Anopolis
A church roof and olive tree overlooking the sea
Chapel of Agia Irini above Sougia
On the way to Tigani to Balos


The hill of Stavros, Akrotiri peninsula
Chania harbour
Chania harbour
Vineyard in Agia Triada
Ancient quarry by the seaside in Stavros
Coming back from the taverna
Goats on Balos beach
A glimpse of Tigani to Balos
Tigani to Balos and the island of Gramvoussa
Tigani to Balos and the island of Gramvoussa
Arisarum vulgare
Winter olive grove
Tamarisk trees on Stavros beach
Flowering on Christmas day
Teucrium brevifolium
Androcymbium rechingeri in Elafonisos
Sand dunes in Elafonisos
Marram grass by the sea
Sheep portrait
The bay of Diktynna on the Rodopou peninsula



The Old Phoenix - a place for peace and quiet in South Crete


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