Three ways to support this site

Running a site like is a big job, not just a hobby.

The main sources of revenue of the site are

  1. Advertising - you'll see some ads throughout the site and these are by far the main source of revenue.
  2. Licensing of image rights - that's selling the right to use images, for web sites, books and other publications. You wouldn't believe how many people think that this should be almost free!
    Well, I do sell a few photos here and there, it's always a satisfying feeling to see one's photos published but it doesn't even pay for the petrol money I spend on going to places to take photos.
  3. Affiliate sales - if you go to the books page of the site for example, you'll see that many of the books I recommend have a link to amazon (it's to in this case). For every sale that occurs if you follow the link I get a small percentage in commission. You don't pay extra, amazon charges you the normal price and they are the ones paying the commission. Why do they do this? It's another form of advertising, basically. They're looking for continuous visibility on high volume sites, and are willing to pay a portion of their sales proceeds for that.

Here are two free ways for you to support this site!

  • When you book rooms in a hotel, anywhere in the world through using my affiliate link I'll get a small commission. It won't cost you a thing. If you haven't tried yet, give them a go, it is one of the easiest way to find hotel rooms anywhere in the world.
  • If you ever use Amazon consider using my affiliates links. Here again it won't cost you a thing. I don't just get commissions on Amazon sales when you buy one of the few books I recommend. Anything you buy on Amazon using one of my affiliate links will earn me a small commission. It's not much but it adds up over time.
    Here's how it works: when you click on one of the Amazon logos or links below, you're taken to their site with an ID that's passed on identifying that you came from the site. If you purchase something during that session, gets a small commission. However, note that the price you pay for something from Amazon is always the same whether or not you started on my site or not, thus, you're essentially diverting a small portion of what you pay from Amazon to me, not paying more to support me. So it's free to you!
    So next time you go shopping on Amazon, why not use one of the links below (depending on the country you are buying from) and support this site? You can also bookmark the link and use it whenever you go and buy something from Amazon.


Another great way to support my work is by making a donation through this Paypal link (you do not have to be a Paypal user to do so)



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