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Veronica persica
Balos Bay
Balos Bay
Balos Bay
First winter snow
Platanaki beach
Plane tree in winter
Androcymbium rechingeri in Elafonisi
Androcymbium rechingeri in Elafonisi
Stormy weather
Sunset time
Romulea bulbocodium


Chania harbour
On the way to Kallergi
On the way to Kallergi
On the road near Omalos
High above the gorge of Agia Irini
Psiloritis and Arkadi monastery
View of the White Mountains from Gerani beach
Chania under snow, 20 years ago
View towards the North from Angathopi
The Bay of Kissamos seen from Polyrinia
Spring time in Polyrinia
View of the White Mountains from the hills of Akrotiri
View of the Bay of Chania from the hills of Akrotiri
A tamarisk tree in Falasarna


Pink sand on Falasarna beach
Viola scorpiuroides
Common Buzzard
Tragopogon porrifolius close-up
Anagallis arvensis close-up
Morning light in the mountains
Chania harbour
Chania lighthouse
Chania lighthouse
Morning fog in Askyfou
Spring time in Anopolis
Spring time in Anopolis
Small cove near Hora Sfakion
The summit of Agio Pnevma viewed from the path to Gournes
The route to Gingilos
Lichen and moss on an oak tree
In the Asfendou gorge
Late March snow report


Spring in Apokorona
Spring in Apokorona
The plateau of Omalos seen from the summit of Koukoule
Avocado trees in bloom
The summits of Psiloritis and Kedros
Evening light on Volakias and Gingilos
Mediterranean Temporary Pond in Omalos
Olive flowers


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Crete photo of the day
Crete Photo of the Day


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