Photos of the day 2020


Snow and sea
Winter has arrived
Omalos plateau
The saddle of Gingilos from Xyloskala
Winter landscape above the Libyan Sea
Cypress in ice
Cypress in ice
Chania in the storm
View of Chania and Akrotiri from the hills
Ancient cypresses in the mountains
Winter landscape
A winter swim in Almyrida
The Akrotiri peninsula seen from Almyrida
The Akrotiri peninsula seen from Almyrida
The village of Lakki
The sea by Stavros beach
The Stavros 'mountain'
Teucrium brevifolium
View of the White Mountains
Kiani Akti beach
Winter landscape


The summits of Mavri and Ornio
Anemones in an olive grove
Anemone coronaria
Seitan Limania
Above Omalos
Dawn in Apokorona
Early morning on Georgioupolis beach
Olive grove in the spring
Chapel of Agios Stefanos, Drakona
Fresco detail in the chapel of Agios Stefanos
Almond flowers
Almond flowers
Almond flowers
Golden Alyssum
Golden Alyssum
Purple anemones
Budding giant fennel
Giant fennel
The Bay of Chania and the White Mountains
View towards the South from the Rodopou peninsula
View of the White Mountains from the Rodopou peninsula
On the way to Omalos


The Bay of Agia Roumeli, Volakias, Samaria and Elygia gorges
Sunset at Kakos Poros
The Bay of Agia Roumeli
Looking eastward from Anopolis
Pine processionary caterpillars
Oxalis in an olive grove
Spring time near Preveli
Spring time near Preveli
View of the Mesara Gulf from Preveli
The Preveli palm forest
The Preveli palm forest
A bridge near Preveli
A vulture and two pigeons
Matthiola tricuspidata
View from the acropolis of Polyrinia
Asphodels in Polyrinia
A pollen bath
A pollen bath
Iris cretensis
Old olive tree
Spring in Polyrinia
Ranunculus creticus
Orchis quadripunctata
The Bay of Agia Roumeli
Spring in Anopolis
Ranunculus veronicae
Coming back from Gingilos
On my way to Melindaou


View of the White Mountains from the summit of Psilafi
The summit of Troharis
Asphodeline lutea
The Bay of Agia Roumeli
Chania harbour
Anidri beach
Stormy waters
Cape Flomos
Fresh snow on the mountains
Flowering tree
Menies Bay
Katholiko monastery
Katholiko monastery
View of the White Mountains from Fournes
View of the White Mountains from Anopolis
The Stavros 'mountain'
Ascending Zaranokefala
Olive grove in Agia Triada
On the summit of Volakias
On the summit of Kastro
In the silver sea
Sunrise time on the summit of Pachnes
Falasarna beach
Cape Spatha
The gorge of Tripiti
The gorge of Tripiti
Turkish fort
The White Mountains from Anopolis
Tulipa saxatilis in Omalos


Poppies in a field
On Platanias beach
East of Sougia
Tulips in Omalos
The White Mountains from the Kyliaris river near Kalyves
Anopolis and Gavdos
White Mountains panorama
Spring at Angathopi
Under attack
Allium roseum
Securigera globosa
Geranium robertianum
Physical distancing on Falasarna beach
A walk in Apokorona
Solenopsis minuta
A strange season in Falasarna
Heatwave in the mountains
Crocus sieberi
Crocus sieberi
Lamium garganicum subsp. striatum
Chaerophyllum creticum
The road to Pachnes is open
General view of Pachnes
The view is better up there
Chania harbour
The Bay of Kissamos
View from the summit of Gourgoutha
View from the summit of Gourgoutha


Spring celebration
Wild carrot flower
Nigella damascena
Chryssi Akti beach
Greek spiny spurge
Euphorbia rechingeri
Photographer at work
View from the summit of Bournelos
Nea Chora beach
Goat in the mountains
Cretan lizard - Podarcis cretensis
Iberis sempervirens
Minuartia attica
Descent from Gingilos
Clouds in the mountains -
Sinkholes between Spathi and Mavri
Under attack
Pottering about in the mountains
Amelanchier ovalis subsp. cretica
Acantholimon androsaceum
Beaches of Falasarna


Oia sunset time, Santorini
Ruins of a Roman villa in Aptera
Eryngium creticum
Cooling off
Daphne oleoides
Campanula aizoides


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