Photos of the day 2012


Souda Bay dawn
Samaria gorge from above
Minoan pithoi in Knossos
On the beach of Elafonisi
Androcybium rechingeri in Elafonisi
Androcybium rechingeri
Androcybium rechingeri
Coral sand on Elafonisi beach
Coral sand on Elafonisi beach
Shells on Elafonisi beach
Shells on Elafonisi beach
Sea urchin shell
Stormy weather on Gerani beach
Elafonisi beach seen from the 'island'
Near Chryssi Akti
Clouds lifting
Close-up of Ruta chalepensis
Living dangerously
Morning frost
Morning frost
On the plateau of Omalos
Frozen pond in Omalos
Winter view of Aptera
Winter view of Aptera
Turkish fort of Aptera
Turkish fort of Aptera
Courtyard in Aptera
The theatre of Aptera
Euphorbia dendroides
Olive grove
The 11th century chapel of Agios Pavlos


Dusky grouper
Chryssi Akti
Walking along Chryssi Akti
Floating on the Sea of Crete
Above the plateau of Omalos
On the road to Kallergi
Passing time in Chania harbour
The summits of Volakies and Gingilos
Malcolmia flexuosa
Geranium robertianum
Agia Marina beach in winter
Platanias and Theodorou island
An olive grove in winter
A field of daisies
Gerani beach in winter
The Platanias river
Eruca vesicaria
Venice carnival in Chania
Venice carnival in Chania
An old olive tree
An old olive tree
Agii Apostoli beach in winter
Shadow play
Orange grove at sunset
Gerani beach at sunset
The White Mountains from Kalyves
The White Mountains seen from Aradena
The White Mountains seen from Aradena
Storm in Chania harbour


The peaks of Kastro and Fanari
Morning fog in Askyfou
The White Mountains at sunset
The White Mountains seen from the Rodopou peninsula
The White Mountains seen from the Rodopou peninsula
Above Samaria - winter view
The summit of Gingilos in winter
Malva sylvestris
Close-up of Euphorbia characias
View from the acropolis of Polyrinia
Adonis cretica
Spring in Polyrinia
Juvenile Balkan green lizard (Lacerta trilineata)
Ladybird beetle
Stone column in Polyrinia
Ruins of a Roman villa in Aptera
Ruins of a Roman villa in Aptera
On the island of Elafonisi
Euphorbia on Elafonisi island
Spring flowers on Elafonisi island
Elafonisi beach
Anemone coronaria
Euphorbia dendroides
First orange blossoms
Silene succulenta
Viola scorpiuroides
Cretan cyclamen
Jerusalem sage in Aptera
Jerusalem sage in Aptera


More yellow!
The road to Sfakia
Fortification wall of Aptera
Echium plantagineum
Spring in Aptera
Fountain in Spili
Chapel of Agia Paraskevi
Orchid close-up
Homage to the Easter bunny
Votive offerings
The northern tip of the Gramvousa peninsula
Balos lagoon and Gramvoussa islands
Anchusa italica
Crocus sieberi
Spanish broom and spider
Above Omalos on the path to Gingilos
The village of Meskla
Ophrys cretica
The White Mountains from Gerani beach
Reeds on the Platanias river
Crocus sieberi
On the road to Sfakia
Mountain road
The Ammoutsera valley
View from the road to Gramvousa
View of Balos on the Gramvousa peninsula
View from the tip of the Gramvousa peninsula
Sheep grazing on the plateau of Omalos
Bridge of the monastery of Katholiko


The road to Seitan Limania
View of Pachnes from the South-East
Sheep grazing above Anopolis
Ebenus cretica near Sougia
Ebenus cretica close-up
The monastery of Katholiko
A wall of the monastery of Katholiko
The village of Samaria
Looking up the gorge of Samaria
In the gorge of Samaria
View from above Agia Roumeli
In the gorge of Aradena
In the gorge of Aradena


The summit of Troxaris
The palm forest of Preveli
On the path to Melindaou
Spring time in Plakoseli
Crocuses in Plakoseli\
Siesta time
In the gorge of Samaria
The gorge of Samaria from above
Crocuses in Plakoseli
The summits of Gingilos, Strifomadi and Psilafi
Spring in the Cretan mountains
The White Mountains at sunset
Spring in the Cretan mountains
A cool place
Arum seed heads
Stormy sea at sunset time
Stormy sea in Platanias
A beach at Falasarna
Fishing boat in Falasarna
Afternoon in Chania
Afternoon in Chania harbour
The monastery of Katholiko at sunrise
Olive grove in the summer
The chapel of Agios Stefanos
Walking between Loutro and Marmara
On the path coming down from Pachnes
Sheep grazing on the summit of Pachnes


Flowering thyme in the White Mountains
Umbrellas in Elafonisi
Walking across the water to Elafonisi
The main beach of Elafonisi
Enjoying the sea in Falasarna
Rock samphire in Falasarna
A stem of Origanum dictamus
Chania harbour at sunrise
Chania harbour before sunrise
Houses on Chania harbour
Gerani beach sunset
Katsiveli mountain hut at sunset
The summits of Pachnes at dawn
Summit of Modaki seen from Katsiveli
A swim in Falasarna
Sea daffodils
Gerani beach evening
Protect the sea daffodil
An alley in Chania
Bench in Chania harbour
Bench in Chania harbour
Coming for a ride?
White on white
White on white
Summer landscape
General view of Polyrinia
Old bridge near Polyrinia
Olive grove in summer
Evening on Gerani beach
Stavros hill at sunset


View from a high trail
Chapel of Profitis Ilias at night
Children at the beach at sunset time
Life in a sunflower
Cruise ships in Souda harbour
Sunset time in the White Mountains
Clouds in August
Swallowtail butterfly
The summit of Theodori
The summit of Zaranokefala
The summit of Psiristra
August night sky
Leaving Sfakia
Arriving in Loutro
Chania rooftop café at night
Turkish fort above Agia Roumeli
Busy on Chania harbour
Chapel and mountain
Falasarna beach
The summit of Malotira seen from Mavri
Sea daffodil
Young seagull on the beach
Young seagull on the beach
Early morning in Chania harbour
Early morning in Chania harbour
Souda Bay at night
Akrotiri peninsula at dawn
Souda Bay at dawn


Descending on the road from Volikas
Dawn in the Cretan mountains
Dawn in the Cretan mountains
Cretan high desert
The gorge of Tripiti
Ridges of West Crete
Ridges of West Crete
Sea daffodils at sunset
Stalos beach in the evening
Rock samphire in Agii Apostoli
=Sunset on the beach of Agii Apostoli
The chapel of Agios Pavlos
The bay of Agios Pavlos
Passing by Loutro
In the gorge of Samaria
Walled gardens in the village of Samaria
Walking in the high desert
Akrotiri viewed from the mountains
Sunset time on Gerani beach
Juniper in the White Mountains
On the way to Katsiveli from Pachnes


Sea squills in ancient Phalasarna
Sea squills in Falasarna
Sea daffodils in Falasarna
Horizontal cypress
Sea squills above the Libyan Sea
Chania lighthouse at night
Chania harbour at night
Stalos beach at sunset time
Beach art in Sougia
Greek cyclamen
An alley in Chania
A tamarisk tree in bloom
Minaret on the church of Agios Nikolaos
Roadside shrine
Elafonisi out of season


Arriving in Crete: flying over Stavros
Back home: view from my window
No need for Christmas trees: view from my window
A grey dawn on Georgioupolis beach
Stavros beach
Theodorou island from Gerani beach
View towards the West from Gerani beach
Theodorou island from Gerani beach
Theodorou island
Bearded vulture
View from Georgioupolis beach
Shades of green
Merry Christmas from Crete
Christmas day near Chania
Mandragora flower
Wild saffron crocus
Wild saffron crocus and Sea squill buds
Wild saffron crocus
Oxalis in an orange grove





Crete photo of the day
Crete Photo of the Day