Photos of the day 2023


Teucrium brevifolium
The peninsula of Gramvousa
Menies bay
Matthiola tricuspidata
Chapel of Timios Stavros
Walking towards Sweet Water Beach
Sweet Water Beach in winter
On a walk to Loutro
Arisarum vulgare
Viola scorpiuroides
On Maleme beach
Lissos bay
Newly excavated odeon in Lissos
An ancient olive tree in Lissos
Church of the Panagia in Lissos
Cerastium scaposum
In the hills of Akrotiri
Tulipa cretica
The lone tree
Anemone coronaria
The path to the tip of Gramvousa
Late January snow report
Kissamos and Gramvousa seen from Polyrinia
Kissamos Bay and Rodopou seen from Polyrinia


The White Mountains at night
Chryssi Akti
Agios Sostis Bay
Imeri Gramvousa island
Romulea bulbocodium
Stormy days in Chania
Stormy days in Chania
Above Omalos
Above Omalos
Omalos under snow
White Mountains panorama
The plateau of Askyfou
Loutro in winter
The gorge of Aradena
The plateau of Omalos
The plateau of Omalos
Erica arborea - Tree Heather
Kournas lake
The summits of Grias Soros and Agio Pnevma
High above Stavros
In a small gorge on Gramvousa
Spring time in an olive grove
Spring flowers by Maleme beach
Spring flowers by Stalos beach
Gerani beach


Euphorbia dendroides in the cliffs of Gramvousa
The Bay of Agia Roumeli
Spring flowers in Anopolis
Spring flowers by Maleme beach
Spring flowers by Maleme beach
The Bay of Agia Roumeli
In the forest
In the forest
Moss in the forest
In the forest
Geranium purpureum
Euphorbia characias
Almond flower
Tree Spurge in Polyrinia
Stormy weather on Maleme beach
Erodium gruinum
Orobanche pubescens
Orobanche pubescens
Stormy weather on Gerani beach
Centaurea spinosa
Moraea mediterranea
Gramvousa peninsula
Euphorbia dendroides close-up
Silene colorata
The White Mountains seen from Akrotiri
The road ends here
Adonis cretica
A pollen feast


Olive grove
Crocus sieberi
Aubrieta deltoidea
Glaucium flavum
Koum Kapi
Tulips in Omalos
Hillside near Hora Sfakion
A small cove by Hora Sfakion
Goats in the hills
The covered market of Chania
Crepis rubra
View of the mountains from Poria
Tulips in Omalos
Tulipa saxatilis
Arabis verna
In the hills
Ammoutsera valley panorama
Allium roseum
Muscari comosum
The archaeological museum of Chania
A field of crown daisies
Buttercups crown
Cretan Cyclamen
Spring time in the gorge of Agia Irini
Mountain cypress


Aethionema saxatile
Anchusa cespitosa
Dull May weather
Dull May weather
Dull May weather
Anchusa cespitosa
Griffon vultures
Crepis rubra
Paeonia clusii
The southern Madares


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