Crete weather stations and weather reports

Because of the mountainous geography of Crete as well as its location at the edge of the European continent it is very difficult to predict the weather accurately. You will often need to look at several different weather reports (which may not all agree with each other) in order to get an idea of what is probable. possible and less likely.

For a month by month summary of the weather in Crete follow these links: January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December

There are a number of weather stations and weather reports for Crete. Here are the most useful ones:.

Weather Underground has a few weather stations in Crete (here is Chania). You can search for them within the site using their search function. offers a number of weather stations from this link showing you the current and past conditions in Crete. You can also see their forecasts for a number of places in Crete under the following links:








You can access many more (for example for Central and East Crete) from this map. is another excellent source of weather information and includes sea conditions.

The National Observatory of Athens weather forecasts are often very reliable.


Crete photo of the day
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