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  • Amoutsera. Normally you would see a shepherd's house but the snow was too deep on the day to even localise it.
  • About one hours walk from Roussies
  • At the col just above Roussies
  • Camp in Roussies. You can see the stone shelter at the back so there wasn't too much snow at the time this picture was taken
  • Another camp in Roussies. On this occasion the snow was much deeper and the house is buried under it and not visible
  • Near the summit of Pachnes
  • On the summit of Pachnes
  • To the South of Troharis
  • The view from the summit of Kastro towards the West
  • Climbing the north side of Agia Pnevma. Apokoronas is visible in the background.
  • Climbing Agia Pnevma. The summit of Spathi is visible in the center of the picture as well as the north coast and Rethymnon
  • Near the summit of Agia Pnevnma
  • The summit of Spathi
  • View from the summit of Spathi towards the West
  • Summit of Spathi
  • On the summit of Spathi with Agia Pnevma in the centre back
  • View from the summit of Fanari . You can see the plateau of Askifou below. The range of Psiloritis is in the background
  • Exploring a natural hole in the snow
  • In a natural bubble under a deep layer of snow


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