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Διαβάστε τη σελίδα στα ελληνικά - Read the page in Greek


This web site is one of the leading sites on Crete and the visitors who come here have a definite interest in visiting the island, especially its western half. This provides you with a very focused advertising group leading to far better results than advertising in a more general web site (travel, tourism, Greece etc..).

The site contains hundreds of pages in English as well as about 200 pages in French and Italian and 60 pages in German giving you plenty of choice as to where best to position your advertising, depending on the type of business you have, its location and the amount of exposure you want.:

We offer two types of advertisements

We may be able to help you in the conception of ads or you can provide your own creatives.

Our number of visitors reaches over 1.000.000 visitors per year viewing around 4.000.000 pages. Most of these visitors are looking for information about a holiday in Crete and are potential customers.

Please email us for more details.

Διαβάστε τη σελίδα στα ελληνικά


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