Photos de Crète - Juin 2004


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  • The chapel of St. Paul in Agios Pavlos
  • Evening light in the harbour of Chania
  • Temple ruins in Lissos near Sougia
  • Thistle
  • Paeonia clusii, an endemic peony growing in the mountains
  • Silene variegata, a rare high mountains endemic
  • On the right, malotira, the Cretan mountain tea
  • Griffon vulutres
  • In the White Mountains
  • The White Mountains at sunset
  • Sunset on the summit of Pachnes
  • The summit of Kastro seen from rohari
  • Sheep in the high mountain desert
  • A shepherd's hut or 'mitato' in the White Mountains
  • Inside a mitato
  • Making cheese in a mitato
  • Making cheese in a mitato
  • Making graveiera cheese in a mitato
  • The mitato of Livadha with the summit of Svourichti in the background

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