Supporting this site in Covid-19 times

In these difficult times most of my regular income (which is directly or indirectly related to tourism in Crete) has dropped to almost zero. As a self-employed person I cannot rely on help from the state or an employer.

I fully intend to carry on with things such as the Daily photo of Crete. People stuck at home without the prospect of a holiday to their favourite island need it more than ever.

Here are two ways for you to support my work and show a little appreciation

  • If you ever use Amazon consider using my affiliates links. It won't cost you a thing.
    Anything you buy on Amazon using one of my affiliate links will earn me a small commission. It's not much but it adds up over time.
    Here's how it works: when you click on one of the Amazon logos or links below, you're taken to their site with an ID that's passed on identifying that you came from the site. If you purchase something during that session, I get a small commission. However, note that the price you pay for something from Amazon is always the same whether or not you started on my site or not, thus, you're essentially diverting a small portion of what you pay from Amazon to me, not paying more to support me. So it's free to you!
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  • Another way is to directly make a small donation using the Paypal link below. Note that you do not need and are not required to be registered with Paypal. You can give as little as the cost of a coffee (which you are possibly not spending now if you are locked up at home ;-) or a little more.


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