The kiosk - a Greek institution

A kiosk in Chania

The kiosk ("periptero" in Greek) is an institution in the whole of Greece. In towns you can find them on many street corners and every (larger) village will have one as well.

Kiosks have long opening hours and stock many items you might need when other shops are closed. The list is exhaustive: cigarettes, drinks, sweets and snacks, toothpaste and toiletry items, condoms, telephone cards, ballpens...just ask and they will probably have it!

Many kiosks are also newsagents and will often have foreign newspapers and magazines in touristic areas.

Chania and Rethymnon and some other places also have all-night kiosks - just ask a taxi driver (or almost anyone else) where they are.

But nowadays Cretan kiosk owners are seeing their profits decreasing day by day and many kiosks have closed since the Greek crisis started

According to the association of kiosk owners in Crete, 80% of all kiosks in the island closed in the last ten years and no one can “guarantee” the future of the profession.


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