Worried about Grexit?

In spring 2015 the talk of Greece suddenly having to exit the Euro currency is increasing and the foreign press is of course painting dark scenarios for tourists who may be in the country during such an event.

A sudden exit from the Euro currency will certainly bring a lot of upheavals but these will be mainly for people who live and work in Greece.
Apart from the buzz that an exit would generate I think that the only thing that could truly affect tourists is that banks are very likely to be closed for a few days (most probably followed by capital controls). That will also mean that ATMSs will not work so cash withdrawals won’t be an option. In theory credit cards payments should still work but glitches could occur. Changing a currency is a huge operation!

So my advice is that if you come to Crete (and Greece in general) during these times of uncertainty make sure that you have some cash reserves with you. If you are concerned about carrying too much cash you can make sure that some of your expenses are paid in advance (your accommodation for example). And remember that Crete is still remarkably free of criminality so carrying more cash than you’d usually do should not pose any problems.

And another thing to keep in perspective: there have been talks about a Greek exit from the Euro for years now and it’s still not happened.

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