Why a blog?

To be honest, I am not entirely clear about the direction that this blog will take. At the moment I don’t know how actively I will write and post on it and of course have no idea yet how much interest and interactions it will generate.

I have been toying with writing a blog for well over a year because I keep noticing that some subjects I want to talk about do not fit in my static site west-crete.com which is meant more as a guide to Crete and an inspiration to visit the island and I thought that these would be more at home in a blog post.
My second reason for wanting to create a blog is to be able to interact with people with similar interests,  something that a static site can’t really do.
West-crete.com has a page on Facebook but I am not a big fan of FB. I never wanted to create a Crete forum. There are (or have been) several Crete forums and only very few have managed to be (even only moderately) successful and only one (Living in Crete) is growing. Moderating a forum and fighting spam is far more work than I ever wanted to put into a forum so…let’s try a blog.

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3 Responses to Why a blog?

  1. Mr Robin says:

    Its all looking good………..

  2. Mike Dobson says:

    It is good to hear from someone who is in Greece. Your blog has, in my opinion, made an excellent start. Good luck.

  3. Nick says:

    Your brilliant photos and insightful commentary make your website one of the best (if not the best) informed on Crete I have come across. Your blog seems set to follow the path and I will read it with interest.
    Bravo, thanks and good luck!

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