Welcome Yorgos!

I just wanted to point out that the post “Crete the next electric power point for northern Europe?” is a contribution by Yorgos. Thank you Yorgos and I hope that there will be many more.


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  1. denis coghlan says:

    The sheer scale of the proposed developments should be a cause for concern to the tourism industry in West Crete. A major concern is that wind farms, unlike solar power farms, may not be covered by Natura 2000 regulations. If this is what the Government intends, then an appeal to the EU Commission and the EU Court of Justice might be a useful response by concerned interests.
    Already, Natura 2000 areas are under threat as the Government’s new tourism development plan suggests that hotels and other attractions may be granted special permissions that would by-pass the normal EU regulations. The situation will require careful monitoring to protect tourism – worth 18 per cent of GDP – as against green energy developments by two international companies that depend on special wind and solar subsidies to make their enterprises profitable. Long-term, socially engaged, sustainable development is what this is supposed to be about.

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