Warmer weather finally!

We’ve had several days of sun and today temperatures finally climbed above 20°C.  That made me decide to pop over to Polyrinia which is such a wonderful place for spring flowers.

It is a little early and nature needs a few more days of warmth to really get the lush Cretan spring started but you can see a beginning below (click on the images if you want to enlarge them).



PolyriniaPolyrinia - View from the acropolis

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5 Responses to Warmer weather finally!

  1. Carole says:

    what beautiful colourful photo’s – glad to hear that the temperature is gradually creeping up – long may it do so.

  2. Polinikis says:

    ..what a wonderful world!

  3. Yorgos says:

    Certainly you get breathtaking views from the top on a clear, sunny day up there. And with spring flowers it looks that much better; this I have not experienced yet.
    The church in the background of the first picture, built in 1894 as the sign above the door tells us, is a very interesting example of recycling centuries of ancient history.

    • Jean says:

      Polyrinia is a great place for spring flowers because they don’t seem to let goats or sheep roam at all. Even if you come to Crete in May (I think that you do sometimes) it is worth going there, it’s not too late for flowers.
      Yes, the church (of the 99 Fathers isn’t it?) has some good recycling going on.

  4. Mr Robin says:

    Some excellent pictures once again. I love your full depth of field, some realyy great shots

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