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4.2 Other suspensions. Notwithstanding Clause 4.1 (AUP infringements), Google may suspend all or part of the customer`s use of services if (a) Google believes that the use of services by the customer or an end-user of the customer may affect services, the use of services by other customers or their end-users, or the Google network used to provide services or servers; (b) there are suspicions of unauthorized third-party access to services; (c) Google believes that it is necessary to suspend existing legislation without delay; or (d) the customer violates paragraph 3.3 (restrictions). Google cancels such a suspension when the circumstances that led to the suspension are clarified. At the customer`s request, Google will notify the customer as soon as possible of the basis of the suspension, unless the current law prohibits it. We all agree to a contract in English. If we provide a translation of the conditions, we do so only at your convenience and English conditions exclusively govern our relationship. The conditions do not create rights of third parties or agencies, partnerships or joint ventures. Nothing in the conditions will limit the ability of one of the parties to object. We are not responsible for a loss of power or delay to the extent that this is due to circumstances beyond our proper control. If you don`t comply with the conditions and Google doesn`t take immediate action, that doesn`t mean Google has rights that it might have (z.B. The Committee on Information and Protection of Persons in relation to the state of at least three years If it turns out that a particular term is not applicable, it will not affect other conditions. The terms are the whole agreement between you and Google regarding its purpose and replaces all previous or concomitant agreements on it. You can find information on how to contact Google on our contact page.

4.3 As part of this ongoing innovation, you recognize and consent that Google may terminate the provision of services (or any functionality within the Services) at your discretion or to users in general, without notice. You can stop using the services at any time. You don`t need to specifically notify Google if you stop using the services. Some of our APIs allow content to be transmitted. Google does not acquire ownership of the intellectual property rights to the content you transmit to our APIs via your API client, unless expressly stated in the Terms. Only to enable Google to provide, secure and improve APIs (and related services) and only in accordance with Google`s applicable privacy policy, you provide Google with a permanent, irrevocable, global, under-conceded, free and non-exclusive license for the use of content sent, sent or displayed by APIs via your API client. “Use” means to use, host, save, edit, communicate and publish. Before transmitting content to our APIs via your API client, make sure you have the necessary rights (including the rights of your end users) to grant us the license. License to use content. After a transaction is completed or content fees are paid, you do not have the exclusive right to store, store, display, use and display copies of the content on your devices, or in any other way authorized to be part of the Service for your personal and non-commercial use. All rights, titles and interests on Google Play and content that is not expressly granted to you under the terms and conditions are reserved. Your use of apps and games may be subject to the additional terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement between you and the provider.

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