Advice for taking photos during your holiday in Crete (Part 1)

Before coming to Crete

A few things to bring with you (apart from your camera)

  • Battery charger (if your camera is using specific batteries, this is not something you will want to forget)
  • Adapter plug (if you come from the US or the UK).  Adapters are not so easy to find here
  • Memory cards. Forgetting them is not dramatic though: if you run out of memory, you’ll  find a shop to write your photos to a DVD or you could buy more cards.
  • Camera manual. Unless you really know how to use your camera, bring the user manual with you. First you might finally have time to read it (you’re on holiday after all!). Second: if you don’t have it, you are bound to find a situation where you don’t know how something works and you will wish you’d taken it with you.


If you are going to bring your camera to beaches (quite likely on a Cretan holiday) remember that sand and cameras don’t mix…unless your camera was specifically designed for that purpose. Consider getting  a camera bag that zips up. Anything else will not keep sand out especially if wind is blowing and you are on a beach with fine sand (Elafonisi and Falasarna for example). If you want something really sand and waterproof consider Aquapac products.

If you get sand on your camera or lens DO NOT wipe it (you run the risk of scratching things as sand is very abrasive) but blow it away. This piece of gear is incredibly useful to have around. If you get sea spray on your camera wipe it with a slightly wet cloth. Sea salt crystals are abrasive so you don’t want to rub them anywhere.  Also consider using a neutral or UV filter on your lens if you are worried about scratching the front element. I am personally not a great fan of protective filters and rarely use them, preferring to just be careful.

Learn how to use your camera

I have often seen people getting frustrated with their camera or the (poor) quality of their photos because they had not taken the time to learn to use their camera before starting to take pictures.
Take the time to get acquainted with the controls and settings of your camera before starting to use them in ‘real life’ conditions. Explore the controls, maybe even with the user manual in front of you. It’s much easier doing it at home than it is to work out in a street market or whilst trying to catch the picture of a beautiful butterfly that’s ready to fly off.

To be continued …

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