Flower of the month | September | Sea daffodil

Pancratium maritimum or Sea daffodil is one of the more spectacular flowers of Crete and one of the few to flower in the autumn.

Sea daffodil - Pancratium maritimum

Sea daffodils on Stalos beach near Chania

Sea daffodils only grow on sandy beaches and start flowering in August but the peak flowering time is September where they can almost blanket some beaches in showy, strongly scented white flowers.

The fact that they grow on sandy beaches endangers them a little as they are competing with tourists for the same habitat.  Fortunately more and more people are becoming aware of this and either putting up signs to  make people aware of them or roping off entire beach areas so that they don;t get trampled by careless visitors.


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  1. Carole says:

    Having just come back from Crete we have seen these beautiful flowers for the first time, as we normally go to Crete in June or July when the Sea Daffodils are not
    flowering. We saw a wonderful display of these on Viglia Beach, and when returning there 3 days later, even more of the flowers had appeared. Hope that my photo’s of these come out.

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