Flower of the month | August | Bupleurum kakiskalae

August is not a great month in Crete for flowers but you can find some interesting ones in the mountains. One of the rarest flowers in Crete (listed as critically endangered in the IUCN Red List) goes by the weird name of Bupleurum kakiskalae and is found only in two places in Crete, both within the boundaries of the Samaria National Park.

Bupleurum kakiskalae

One of these spots is quite easily accessible as it is located on the way to the summit of Gingilos, less than an hour’s walking time from the start of the walk. Just after passing through the big arch you will notice an information board. From there (stay on the path, the slope that leads to the foot of the cliff is steep and very slippery) look towards the cliffs to the North and you might see some of the tall Bupleurum flowers. It helps if you have  binoculars.
In some years (like now in 2013) there are almost no flowers, in other years you can see quite a few. The photo above was taken in 2008.

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