First winter snow – 5th December 2013

The first snow of the winter has finally fallen. There were huge local variations. For example the South of Crete got very little rain (and very little snow higher up). The mountains around Apokorona (Spathi, Grias Soros, Agio Pnevma, Mavri) seem to have a good quantity. It’s hard to judge without going there but I’d say close to one meter. The mountains further to the West (Kallergi, Volakies, Gingolos, Psilafi) are showing a lot less snow.

Snow on the White Mountains

The summits of Mavri and Malotira seen from the North coast (with a telephoto lens)


Today the weather is sunny but very cold weather with heavy rains is predicted for next week so we might get “proper snow” all over the mountains soon.

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  1. muzzy says:

    Vgreat shot enjoy your winter back out in april cant wait

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