First swim of the year!

Had my first swim of the year today in Elafonisi. The water was just too tempting.

Elafonisi - 17th March 2012
It was wonderful….and it was COLD!


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6 Responses to First swim of the year!

  1. Liz Carless says:

    So where are you?? You mean we just have to believe you??? 🙂

    • Jean says:

      I am behind the camera, can;t you see? Went in after I took the pic. Of course you can choose not to believe it. That’s quite a valid option.

      • Liz Carless says:

        Seriously, thanks for so many captivating photos of this wild and beautiful island.

  2. Luigi Rosa says:

    Elafonisi is AMAZING! Can’t wait to come back this July.

  3. oriste says:

    R.e.s.p.e.c.t! You’ve beaten my record by a good 2 weeks.

    • Jean says:

      It’s really a matter of catching the right moment. Last year I had a (short) swim in Marmara (near Loutro) on the 13th of February. It was a warm day, no wind and the water was so inviting. I had had no intention of going for a swim (in February? I am not THAT hard!) but it just called me. Same happened yesterday: I had gone to Elafonisi with something specific in mind and it was not swimming. But again, whilst walking along those small red sand fringed coves, with the turquoise water sparkling it just got irresistible.

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