Finally Chania airport has a website

Good news, the airport of Chania finally has a website! It’s very new and still a little rough around the edges (some information is still sparse, photos of Chania are much too contrasty and a 176 words sentence in a description of Chania* is way over the top for internet use) but it contains all the information that someone using an airport will generally want. Well done for this!

There is one thing that makes me really sad though: it took until now to produce an airport information site, 10 to 20 years late, and we had to wait until the Germans took over the ownership and management of the airport… This does not reflect well on Greece.

It makes me wonder if we’ll need to wait for a German management of the ministry of culture until we get a functional site for Greek museums, archaeological sites instead of the pitiful stuff we are getting now.

*  if you want a laugh, the sentence in question (on the page ) is the positively Proustian “To the south, the Lefka Ori (Madares Mountains), sleepless torrieri of the city in their panoramic glory, offer protection, wild nature and the rarest herb life in Greece, as well as hidden spots off the beaten track with some dozen limestone gorges – of which Samaria Gorge is the longest, best-known and most spectacular – and craggy coastal paths along the south coast and the laidback coastal resorts of Paleochora, Sougia, Sfakia and Elafonissi; to the north, embraced by its gorgeous, long-armed capes, eucalyptus-lined avenues, and miles of waterfront promenades stretches the kaleidoscopic boundlessness of the Sea of Crete, scoring countless dialectic points in the everlasting debate and for good reason: on largest Greek island where summer arrives earlier than elsewhere in the Med, Chania, as Diane Akerman had noted back in 1948, much like as a scent does, detonates softly in our memory like poignant land mines hidden under the weedy mass of years, because, stubborn enough to lose its beauty and strong enough to overrun today’s unbearable callousness, it is one heck of a redolent city.”

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