Discover Almyrida & Kalyves…on foot

I got a nice little walking booklet through the post recently from its author Berend Wolfenbuttel. Latest in a series of booklets on walking in the region of Apokoronas, “Discover Almyrida & Kalyves…on foot” follows a similar same format as the other two books. It is light and portable, offers 11 easy country walks with well-written explanations and clear hand drawn maps.

Discover Almyrida & Kalyves...on footThe booklet has loads of quality photographs to illustrate the walks descriptions and to present the area that you are visiting. Plenty of local and historical information is added in side boxes and it is all your for only Euro 7.50. You can’t buy the book on Amazon but they have their own web site where you can order it. Alternatively local bookshops (in Apokoronas and Chania) will stock it as well.

I haven’t used this book for walking  but a little while ago I needed walking information for Vamos and used their “Discover Vamos…On Foot” booklet to follow three walks and found it accurate and very pleasant to use.

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  1. DavidA says:

    There are some wonderful books about Crete – and some very unwonderful. I recently was made aware of the publication by the University of Crete of the second edition of “John Donat Crete 1960”. This book was first published in 1999 and quickly went out of print but the editor, Maria Vassilaki, has clearly succeeded in persuading the authorities to issue a second edition and we are all very much in her debt for that. The book is available in the lovely new bookshop “Mikro Karavi” (Little Boat) in Daskalogiannis Street Chania for 25 euros. I sadly paid 32 euros when I bought it a shop in the western end of the Old Town of Chania but that was because I was so delighted to come upon it and had not shopped around. The text is in Greek and English throughout.
    John Donat was anarchitect and photographer who in 1960 was facing a professional crisis – whether to concetrate on photography or architecture. His doctor told him to go away for three weeks and so John made his way to Athens and caught what he thought weas a ferry to Iraklion. Only it wasn’t and he arrived in Chania. Sitting outside a cafe on the quay, he spotted two Englishmen. reluctantly – he had wished to meerge into the Greek background he conversed with one, John Mason, and found that he knew all of the family of Mason’s friend, John Craxton, who had a property on the quay of the outer harbour, apart from John himself. Introductions followed: Donat mentioned his interest in Byzantine painting whereat Craxton exclaimed “I have been waiting for someone to come who could photograph them properly”.
    Donat had a Hasselblad comera and knew how to use it. The result is some wonderful photographs of Chania and other places, people, some now vanished frescos, and Cretan life before tourism. This is such an inadequate description of a book of really superb photographs and fascinating commentary. To cite one or two photographs: the Malefakis familty in Aghois Iannis – way up beyond Anopolis -(before the bridge over the gorge was built – wedding preparations in Kritsa, the Orfanoudakis family in Anopolis, tsikoudia manufacture, taverna pictures, buildings and landscape – this description is inadequate. I find this a wonderful book evoking Crete in 1960 and 1961 – reminding me of what it was like when we first visited in 1964 but also much more than that. The photographs are superb: the commentary perfect. I urge readers not to miss it as it will doubtless sell out. ISBN 978-960-524-085-1

  2. Jean says:

    Thanks for that comment. I was not aware of a second edition. I have seen John Donat’s book in the 90s (I think that he also had an exhibition of his photographs in Chania at the time of publication) but don’t have it so I’ll make sure that I go and buy it as soon as possible. Hopefully tomorrow.

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