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Re-opening of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is one of the most important museums in Greece and contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization in the world. The museum closed in November 2006 for a much needed … Continue reading

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A look back at 2013

It’s time for a quick round up of the some news of 2013 in Crete and Greece. The main item making the rounds at the moment is the large increase in the number of tourists (and receipts from tourism) that … Continue reading

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Alternative “all-inclusive”

I have just finished working on a small project for a friend in Agia Roumeli which illustrates perfectly how Cretans could and should respond to the wave of impersonal all-inclusive packages sweeping the island. Roussos Viglis put together a short … Continue reading

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In defence of all-inclusive resorts

The continuous growth of tourism in Crete and the rest of Greece in the 1980s and 90s was driven by the fact that Greece was a cheap holiday destination. As Greece got wealthier prices rose and by the time the … Continue reading

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Why would you want to come to Crete in winter?

The last article about winter tourism in Crete discussed the steps needed to make winter tourism possible, or at least more accessible. In this one I’d like to list a few reasons for coming to Crete in winter. I am … Continue reading

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Winter tourism in Crete

Someone very recently started a petition to Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete. Whilst I think that chances are very slim that either of these companies will base their flight schedules decisions on an online petition I also … Continue reading

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A meal with a view – Best locations in West Crete

To stay with food and eating places I’d like to get your recommendations for the places that offer the best views to go with your meal. This time let’s go beyond Chania to western Crete in general (I guess that’s … Continue reading

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Favourite Chania restaurants

I never counted how many restaurants there are in Chania but I guess that if you included all eating places, from souvlaki joints via tavernas, ouzeria, fancier restaurants and workers cafés in the covered market you might well get into … Continue reading

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Hope is in the air

The 2013 tourist season is now well under way and all the signs are looking good. Despite Greece now being in its 5th year of recession (with catastrophic results for a significant part of the population) there was no social … Continue reading

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A new map of the White Mountains

The Greek map company Anavasi has recently published a new map of the White Mountains and the region of Sfakia. Most people who walk in Crete will already know the 1:25.000 Anavasi maps of the area of Pachnes (Central White … Continue reading

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