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My name is Jean Bienvenu and I am a European. I have had a strong connection to Crete most of my adult life, kept coming back here until I finally decided to move to the island over 20 years ago.
Jean BienvenuUnlike many northern Europeans living on the island I am not retired but earn a living in web publishing, photography and as a walking guide.
As many of you know, life in Greece is not a bed of roses at the moment, but I have long ago discovered that many of the best things in life are free… so life is not too bad.

I always lived in the western part of the island so it is no surprise that the site I created in 1999 was called west-crete.com. Another reason for the name was that the domain name crete.com was already taken. The site is still growing (mainly with photos but I will also try to write more about excursions to specific destinations) but I’ve been wanting to add a more dynamic section to it for a while, something a little more spontaneous and allowing more interaction with viewers. That’s the main reason this blog is here.
I hope that eventually there will be plenty of discussions, interactions and contributions. Let’s see where it takes us.

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