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Flower of the month | November | Autumn heather

Erica manipuliflora or autumn heather is now starting to cover the hills of  the Cretan phrygana and maquis in pink and purple and is one of the very few flowers appearing at this time of the year. Note that this … Continue reading

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Is the next image crisis looming for Greece?

The 2012 tourist season got off to a really bad start because of all the bad press Greece was getting in the foreign press last winter and spring. Interestingly this stream of bad press was followed by a flurry of … Continue reading

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Flower of the month | October | Sea squill

The Sea squill (scientific name of Urginea maritima or Charybdis maritima, also sometimes called Drimia maritima) is a showy flower that starts flowering at medium altitude (up to 1300m) in August and gradually makes it way down to sea level. … Continue reading

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