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Why Hellene and not Greek

Some of the readers of this blog would be wondering why Katerina, in one of the previous topic, “Different opinions”, wants to be known as Hellene and not Greek. Here is a brief explanation: The name of our state is … Continue reading

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My new sunglasses: an eye-opener

I have had a few eye problems this winter . As a result I have become even more aware of the need to protect eyes from the strong Mediterranean sun.  I own high quality, very dark glasses for walking on … Continue reading

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Different opinions

Two videos (in English) caught my eye today. The first is a shrill performance by a Greek actress (living in L.A.) who seems to think that calling Greeks Hellenes will solve a lot of problems. OK, unfair, there is a … Continue reading

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Samaria gorge update

The gorge of Samaria opened today from the Agia Roumeli side but only for the first 2 km. That brings you roughly just beyond the “Gates” as the narrowest part of the gorge of Samaria is called. It is still … Continue reading

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Late snow

Those of you lucky enough to come to Crete this month will find that there is still a lot of snow left on the mountains. This photo from the mole of Chania harbour was taken today but looks more like … Continue reading

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Branding Crete

Sorry but I’ll need a long intro to get to the point of this post… If you haven’t got the time now, come back later. I have mentioned Peter Economides on one or two occasions in this blog. He is … Continue reading

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