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European economics on YouTube

With all this talk of Greek crisis in the headlines I thought that it was maybe time to show a few videos.  If you have already seen them skip to the next. They are quite funny but make some serious … Continue reading

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Waterproof compact cameras

Getting myself and my camera heavily sprayed by a wave this morning whilst taking photos of the harbour of Chania during a storm reminded me to consider getting a small waterproof compact at some point. Expecting some salt spray I’d … Continue reading

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Winter storm

Another winter storm has been battering Crete since late last night. High winds and low temperatures mean that we will be getting even more snow on the mountains. Below are a couple of photos taken in Chania harbour this morning. … Continue reading

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Greece is changing

A group of Greek businessmen has taken out advertisements in a wide range of international newspapers (Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos, Le Parisien, Bild Deutschland, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, … Continue reading

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Alarmist noises

Whilst I was puzzling  over the attitudes of journalists reporting about Greece a German lady from the village of Sfakia called Bettina was having a good rant about something similar on her Facebook page. You won’t see the content unless … Continue reading

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Are Greeks the hardest workers in Europe?

Hard on the heels of my last post about Greece bashing in the press here is an article that contradicts what I was saying.  Just out on the BBC News site and entitled “Are Greeks the hardest workers in Europe?” … Continue reading

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Greece bashing…I just don’t get it

In the winter of 2003  about 10 months before the Olympic Games were due to start in Athens a number of articles started appearing in the British and German press (maybe in other countries too but I only read the … Continue reading

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Life on hold

The Greek crisis is not affecting Crete as much as Athens or many other places. There are very few overt signs of hardship if you just pass through, although you will notice many closed shops in the streets of Chania. … Continue reading

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Discover Almyrida & Kalyves…on foot

I got a nice little walking booklet through the post recently from its author Berend Wolfenbuttel. Latest in a series of booklets on walking in the region of Apokoronas, “Discover Almyrida & Kalyves…on foot” follows a similar same format as … Continue reading

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Why a blog?

To be honest, I am not entirely clear about the direction that this blog will take. At the moment I don’t know how actively I will write and post on it and of course have no idea yet how much … Continue reading

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