Wne Housing Agreement

www.menis.gov.pl Poland has signed bilateral education cooperation agreements with several countries around the world. These agreements include student exchange programs. Under this programme, students receive tuition fees for their studies in Poland, but must cover their cost of living. In Poland, the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (BUWIWM), subject to MENiS, is the scholarship department for arriving international students. However, the students` applications are submitted to the Polish consulate in the students` country of origin. www.buwiwm.edu.pl This website contains a list of countries with bilateral trade programs. (www.buwiwm.edu.pl/wym/intro.htm). Contact your country`s parallel department (it is very likely that this will be a sub-division of the Ministry of Education, perhaps called ENIC/NARIC). Influence your future by developing leadership skills and earning points for future housing For students assigned to the Berkshire, Commonwealth, Franklin, Hampden and Windham halls, the university offers a combined microwave refrigerator unit (one per room). The Suites of the LaRiviere Center are equipped with a microwave in the common area of the suite.

Students who live in traditional or suite-style living spaces should NOT bring their own microwave to campus. This is for safety issues and electricity consumption in student housing. If you are under the age of 26, your health insurance is covered by your parents` salaries. If you are under the age of 26 and your parents are unemployed and you do not pay social security (ZUS), you can be insured by the University of Warsaw (see Procedure 1 below). If you are under 26 and your parents are employed elsewhere in the EU, you are entitled to health care in the Member State where your parents pay taxes. This country will issue you proof of insurance (European health insurance card). Once you are 26 or older, your insurance is no longer insured by your parents. If you remain unemployed, the University of Warsaw can cover your health insurance if you apply (see Procedure 1). Who pays for EU students: if your parents work in the EU, health insurance rates are deducted from their salary in that country.

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