The Olympic torch in Crete

I was driving towards Kissamos this morning when I encountered a curious procession moving at high speed in the other direction. First some police cars and motorbikes with blue lights flashing followed by a few cars with some logos on them (we were crossing at too high a speed for me to see the details) then the Google street view car (this is a link to a photo that I didn’t take myself) which was itself followed by an ambulance, a fire engine and a tow truck.

I thought that it was curious for the Google street view car to move a) so quickly and b) in such company,  until it dawned on me that the contraption on top of this car was not cameras but the Olympic torch…it just happens to look like the Google car, at least at high speed.

Now it all made sense! 11th May, Olympic torch arrives in Crete moving from Kissamos to Chania and on to Agios Nikolaos. I guess that they have a long way to go which is why they were in a hurry. The fire engine is logical too, just in  case something that is not the torch starts burning. The tow truck? Well you would not want the torch to get stuck because of a breakdown…and I’d love to be able to take a photo of the Olympic torch on a tow truck 🙂

The moral of this encounter? The video below by the English National Tourist Board stating that “You won’t see the Olympic torch in Corfu or Crete” is telling lies.


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4 Responses to The Olympic torch in Crete

  1. Mr Robin says:

    I saw the practice from Platanias last year when we were there end of June

  2. Lydia says:

    Definitely a lie. The flame duly turned up at Agios Nikolaos to a very nice ceremony at the Lake. The British National Anthem was played which was slightly bizarre, and the whole thing was an hour late and I gather the ‘procession’, having left Agios Nikolaos, is causing chaos on the way west again to go to the Port in Iraklio!

  3. We had the flame in Hersonissos (eventually) but great not just torch bearer, but procession stopped and flame was applied to support vehicle,and then all off to Heraklion.

  4. DavidA says:

    I am grateful to understand why there were so many police cars about. I merely reduced the speed of my hire car…..

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