The magic of small things

Ranunculus veronicaeI just created a new flower page for Ranunculus Veronicae.
At first sight it is nothing very special, a small yellow flower, not spectacular or particularly out of the ordinary. But for me it conveys the magic of small things in Crete.

This flower species was discovered only recently (1998). Not surprising when you learn that it grows in only one spot, in the shade of a plane tree near the small village of Kambos high above the West coast of Crete. Its habitat is about the size of my bedroom, 10 to 12 sq.m. That’s it! It grows there and nowhere else in Crete or the rest of the world, in the shade of one plane tree.

On this big island, if you pay attention, there are so many small things to discover. And the more you look the more of them you see.


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  1. Yorgos says:

    Jean, in all modesty, did not write about his own discovery in 2007 of a new flower species in western Crete. I remembered reading about it some years back and I thought of pointing out to you this even more recent discovery than that of Ranunculus Veronicae.

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