Samaria gorge update

The gorge of Samaria opened today from the Agia Roumeli side but only for the first 2 km. That brings you roughly just beyond the “Gates” as the narrowest part of the gorge of Samaria is called.

It is still very much the intention of the park authorities to open the gorge of Samaria from Xyloskala (the Omalos plateau entrance) on the 1st of May. There is still a lot of water in the gorge so they think that they might need to build more bridges to cross the river that runs through the gorge than in previous years. They seemed confident that they could do it in time for the official opening on the 1st of May.

The path to the GingilosAs for snow conditions in the mountains, the warm weather of the recent days has melted a lot of snow but important snow fields are still present at fairly low (1500 to 1600m) levels, for example on the way to Gingilos and definitely (in far larger quantities) on the route to the summit of Melindaou.
So if you intend to go to Gingilos or similar  in the next couple of weeks bring decent (waterproof) shoes and gaiters, you will need them.

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4 Responses to Samaria gorge update

  1. Vince says:

    We walked up to Kalerghi Refuge yesterday 17th April and it was fine up to about 1500 metres (about 4,900 feet) where we encountered old melting snow drifts, still blocking the path in a few areas.
    We managed to walk over these drifts fairly easily but trying to continue on beyond the Refuge towards Poria was much more difficult. We ended up going “across country” down a gulley to reach our the path in the valley below to continue our walking loop back passed Korifi Bimbo and up to the main road where we had parked. Fantastic weather and stunning scenery in this area!

    • Jean says:

      The snow drifts on the road connecting Kalergi to Poria tend to stay quite long and are quite deep. The long traverse across the steep slope gets pretty tiring and can be pretty dangerous if it is icy (not the case at the moment, the snow at this altitude was perfect yesterday). Descending straight down to the road below into a gully sounds steep and rather arduous to me.

  2. Vince says:

    It was Jean, very arduous but there wasn’t a lot of other alternatives other than going back the way we came. Carolyn, my wife was not confident on the snow.
    It took us nearly an hour to do two kms (all down hill) across country but we knew where we were heading all the time; the path/track below was always in view. Hard work but we avoided the snow☺

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks for today’s pic of the day. As you say, plenty of snow left!

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