Samaria gorge 2016

Because of the mild and very dry winter there has been little damage to the path that runs through the gorge of Samaria and not much water in the river. As the good weather looks set to continue it seems that the park authorities have decided to open the Samaria National Park to the public from the 15th of April.

If it does open on time the KTEL public bus service will also start running buses. Watch their time-table. The ferry company is already running a daily service between Agia Roumeli and Hora Sfakion and Sougia. Tour operators should start offering trips shortly after the opening of the gorge.

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  1. Andrew & Marian Green says:


    Thank you so much for your blog on the Samaria Gorge. We are currently in Crete and had looked at your previous comments. Your news on the early opening of the gorge in 2016 – which we could not find anywhere on any official website – meant we had an amazing day on 17th April taking a boat trip from Hora Skafion and walking the bottom half of the gorge. This has topped off an already fantastic holiday in Crete. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tom Burke says:

    Not really a comment on the early opening of the Samaria Gorge this year, but…. I walked the Gorge on 16 June this year. Yes, it was busy, so by no means a wilderness experience; and it was (as you describe) very stony underfoot and hot; but it was one of the most vivid and dramatic days I’ve had in years. Truly amazing. I was staying in Paleochora and got to Omalos in a mini-bus organised by the Psarakis travel agency in Paleochora. It took me 6 hours from the top to the exit gate, then another 30 to 40 minutes slow stroll into Agia Roumelli, followed by the ferry back to Paleochora – so that’s actually another way of doing it. An extraordinary day. Thanks, also, for the excellent advice available here, not just about the Samaria Gorge but about West Crete generally. I’m hooked.

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