Samaria Gorge on the 3rd of May

Crossing  the river in the gorge of Samaria

Crossing the river in the gorge of Samaria

I have never seen so much water in the gorge during the open season (May to October). The river runs right through the gorge without disappearing underground at any point like it normally does.

This means A LOT of crossings on large (and not so large) rocks and small wooden bridges and I think that less confident walkers might have problems at various stages…at least with wet feet and possibly having to wait at times to cross because people in front take ages. This will only be a problem if it gets crowded. It certainly wasn’t busy yesterday.

The strong river provides a wonderful sound background, the gorge is still very green with lots of flowers. If you are in Crete this month, go and visit it.


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  1. Barbara says:

    I’ll walk through the gorge next week and I’m looking forward to seeing, hearing and crossing the river with so much water myself!

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