National Innovation Conference 2012

A few videos of presentations at the National Innovation Conference 2012 (sponsored by the Greek America Foundation in New York City the weekend of April 27-28-2) have appeared on YouTube.

This might be of more interest to Greeks but even if you aren’t, they are worth a look at.

Below are some of the most inspiring ones.

Peter Economides made two presentations. The first was along the lines of his Thessaloniki presentation ‘Rebranding Greece

Peter’s second presentation on the final day of the conference presents a  project for a new center in Greece that will help spark innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. If you  don’t want to see the whole talk (it’s long) jump to 52.20 to see what the project is about.

Marie Bountrogianni, a Canadian psychologist and politician (of Greek origin) offered her own views on the Greek crisis. An interesting angle as she is both a politician and a psychologist.

Paul Evmorfidis, the founder of Coco-Mat, relates how he started his business (and why he likes the idea of a Greek crisis)

George Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of Libra talked about ‘philotimo’ in business.

Film maker Stefanos Sitaras talked about his personal crisis in life and how he thinks one should approach crisis.


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