Modern Greek myths

Having spent the past two weeks in the company of foreign visitors to Crete I noticed again how many of them were harbouring entirely false ideas about why the Greek crisis came about.  Sloppy reporting in the foreign press obviously managed to create a whole set of false beliefs – some modern Greek myths –  that really stick.

Exploding the myth of the feckless, lazy Greeks” is yet another article attempting to tell a real story.


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5 Responses to Modern Greek myths

  1. Nancy says:

    Excellent article. I too am growing weary of telling my friends about the “real” situation in Greece.

  2. Yorgos says:

    Thank you Jean for an excellent article. I will have to print it and carry photocopies with me and pass it around next time I hear the trash that is being repeated ad nauseum by ill informed foreigners.

  3. Leonid Dorfman says:

    I love Greece and the Greek people. Of my friends there is no lazy man. There are quiet people, brooding, suspicious … But no lazy. I like the work of Kazantzakis. But thanks to his self-criticism and criticism directed towards the Greeks, the world has the concept of lazy Greeks. Come to Greece and take a look at these people.

  4. ChristineC says:

    The article is great, having recently returning to the UK after a short break in Chania, people constantly ask us or in some cases actually ‘tell’ us how bad it is in Crete/Greece. A great many people who have never visited already have a misconception about Greece – the worlds media portraying a false image does nothing to help.

    Like the other comment, all our friends are extremely hard working often from early morning ’til very late at night, they definitely do not deserve to be labelled ‘lazy’

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